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July 19, 2019 Living room

Sofa for Tiny Living Room Ideas

Tiny living room ideas – A sofa is a household furniture that has an important role. Usually, the sofa will be installed in rooms such as the living room or family room. Besides functioning as a seat, the sofa can also function as a sweetener of the room. Well, the selection of sofas, especially for the living room, cannot be arbitrary, considering the living room becomes the front room which gives the first impression for guests visiting the house. Especially if the living room in your house is not too large.

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You can use a sofa with an elongated model with a bright and natural color selection to give a broad and empty impression to tiny living room ideas. It’s legitimate if you want to use dark colors, but choose the L shape to give an open impression. Add a light colored rug to balance it. The rattan-legged guest chair with leather upholstery looks classic but still looks elegant. You can choose seats with various numbers of seats.

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The carpet installation of tiny living room ideas turned out to be able to get around to making the room feel wider. To optimize the room to feel relieved but keep it warm, the carpet without hues or plain can be the right choice for you. But remember, don’t try to coat the entire small living room with a carpet. Because excessive installation can reduce the aesthetics of the interior space.

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