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July 16, 2019 Living room

Secret Minimalist Living Room Design

Living room design – The most important element in the living room is, of course, the sofa. Your living room design will never go wrong if you already have a simple and comfortable sofa. The simplicity of the sofa can be seen from several aspects, including the motif of the outer material used and the shape. In one example of our professional work above, the selected outer material is not patterned and uniform in color. Its simple form does not make it boring because of its sweet texture and shape. What a perfect choice for a minimalist space.

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Start looking for space for personal expression? One option that you can consider is the carpet motif in your room. Not infrequently we think that carpet is not an important element in the design of the living room. From now on, let’s move from that thought. Because even though the carpet only looks like a piece of cloth located on the floor, but it is able to provide a living room design perfectly.

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In addition to furniture and floor elements, wall elements are also essential elements of living room design. In line with the principle of minimalist design, we recommend that the background walls in the living room be made as simple as possible.

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