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Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas

Mid century modern living room ideas – Interior design in the style of Mid Century Modern is a design. Influenced by concepts that were popular in the mid-1950s. This interior design looks attractive to be applied as a living room interior design. Overall, this modern mid-century interior design has simple features that are integrated with nature.

Usually, modern interior mid century modern living room ideas. Have spacious rooms and large windows. So that air and light circulation can run smoothly. The colors that are often used in the interior design of this living room are warm colors such as brown wood, olive green, mustard, orange, yellow, gray, and turquoise. The decorations that need to be presented are lights such as chandeliers, light bulbs, and Arco floor lamps – so that a dramatic impression on the room is created. Other decorations are ornaments that have geometric patterns or fabrics such as wool and knitwear.

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The interior design mid century modern living room ideas are first dominated by brown furniture, from sofas to coffee tables. The coffee table has a unique shape on the legs that form geometric patterns. Although small in size, this table can be a focal point in the interior design of modern mid-century style living rooms.

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