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July 2, 2019 Living room

Inspiration Living Room Colors 2018

Living room colors 2018 – Change the paint color of the narrow living room at home. So that it feels more spacious, comfortable and special. Limitations of space can be overcome by the use of appropriate paint colors. Bright colors can give an airy impression because it emits light. Avoid using dark colors as paint in a room that can absorb light. The paint color of a room has an important role as a means to strengthen and give a certain impression. Old houses or old buildings that look dull can look beautiful and have a new appearance with a touch of paint colors.

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Besides being able to give a new face, living room colors 2018 are also able to change the atmosphere of the room and give effect to the psychological inhabitants. A narrow living room at home in an instant will have a spacious and comfortable impression.

The living room colors 2018 with navy blue are dark blue sea colors that give a tremendous influence on the narrow space at home. You can combine this color with white or yellow. Applying the right paint color with navy blue can make the narrow living room feel more spacious. The choice of neutral-colored furniture and decoration will make the room spacious and not look excessive.

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