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August 14, 2019 Living room

Comfortable Living Room Organization

Living room organization – Due to situations and conditions, sometimes living in a residential area with a limited area is inevitable for some people. Whether it’s a house in a residential complex or apartment. However, discomfort is not an obstacle to creating the ideal living space for us and the whole family. The elongated narrow living room has the potential to provide comfort.

Given the limited space, in living room organization limit the amount of furniture in the small living room/family room. Choose a single sofa that is the same length as the length of the room. You can also divide the room into two areas, namely the living room and dining room. The picture shows a zigzag-shaped room due to the building structure. However, this room has been arranged effectively by making the corner of the room as a dining room.

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Even small rooms have the opportunity to look attractive in a simple manner. in living room organization Choose or create a unique coffee table design, but don’t forget to adjust the color with a sofa and carpet. In this example, there are two walls of different colors, even opposite each other. However, the atmosphere does not appear to overlap because designers place a large glass window with a contrasting frame.

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