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June 23, 2019 Curtain

Circular Shower Curtain Rod Ideas

Circular shower curtain rod – window construction consisting of horizontal or vertical moving (lamellar) plates, tied by a thread. The curtain made of plastic, aluminum, cloth, wood. Slots can move up and down, and also rotate around their axis. The most common is horizontal curtains. The curtainĀ also equipped with a special guide. Which makes it possible to retain the blade in the tilted window area. When installing non-standard openings, lamellas only reach the maximum width point.

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The circular shower curtain rod can move apart from the center. Move in one direction, which allows you to control the lighting in the room. And using different colors, textures, transparencies allows you to experiment with product design.

The advantage of using circular shower curtain rod is practicality and low cost. Because of this, the curtain often used to decorate windows on the bathroom. The advantages of using it in this room include compact, comfort management, the combination of tiles, other finishing materials. What is very important is the situation with the bathroom, occupying an area of 2 to 4 square meters. Such places are closed in boxes because they don’t even have windows. But over time, architects realized their mistakes and are now working hard to improve housing comfort.

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