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Bathroom Curtain Reviews

Bathroom curtain – Because of its diverse functions, we often use the bathroom more than once a day. Therefore we must pay attention to its cleanliness! Bathroom cleanliness is also important, friend, in addition to having to be kept clean we also have to arrange in the bathroom too. The eyes look nice if the bathroom is clean. But sometimes there may be between us the bathroom has no door, or indeed there is no door. I have a suggestion for you to install a shower curtain.

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The bathroom curtain is special, friend, not the same as the curtains for the main window and door of the house. The bathroom curtain can hold water splashed everywhere, including the toilet and hanging clothes. If left close to us when taking a bath, the clothes will be wet. Therefore the bathroom area is covered with a shower curtain.

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The bathroom curtain must be a rectangular material, between the upper and lower ends there is a striking part, or thicker, usually the fold is different from the other end. At the end of the curtain, there is a small circle on the curtain. Now if we open it, it will certainly be a hole. How to connect the ring, the distance to the ring, we put it in the hole in the curtain.

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